Melksham Rail User Group

A new name for the Melksham Railway Development Group

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Our mission is to maintain and enhance facilities at Melksham station, and to act as an independent voice of the station users.

Melksham is served by up to 18 trains a day on the line from Swindon to Westbury
via Chippenham and Trowbridge.

The Group is proud to be a member of the TransWilts Community Rail Partnership, supporting the use and growth of local and regional passenger train services on the Swindon to Westbury line via Chippenham, Melksham and Trowbridge, with service
on to Dilton Marsh, Warminster and Salisbury.

Stations on the TransWilts Line are all within walking distance of the town centres.
See Station locations.

General information on public transport in Chippenham with a timetable in na convenient carry ariund format can be found at Melksham Transport

Melksham is included in the area covered by the 'Freedom of Severn and Solent' ticket, providing travel for 3 days out of 8, or 8 days out of 15 from less that 10 per day.


All trains now have at least 2 carriages, many 3. This has been necessary as the demand for the service in peak hours led to overcrowding. To complement this, the platform has been extended to allow access by any door. The platform is also being reprofiled to slope away from the track Future plans for the station and the approaches, which MRUG is promoting, are currently the subject of discussions to make significant improvements. It is hoped that the former heavy plant area will be used as part of the station, with better bus facilities and volunteer assistance at a cafe.

Service improvements, leading to an hourly service each way, later trains, and through trains to Southampton, are also being vigorously promoted.

Electrification of the main line through Chippenham and elsewhere in the region, has resulted in service disruption at Melksham in 2018. This is necssary for the long term improvement of rail travel generally, but MRUG's voice is ensuring that such disruption is minimised.