Transport to, from and in Melksham

We encourage you to use public transport, cycling and walking for journeys to, from and within the Melksham area,
but appreciate that not all journeys are practical by those means. [Why]

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Trains at Melksham

Trains - Melksham Station
* Map and address of the station
* or on Google Maps
* 10 minutes walk from the Town Bridge


There is currently no train information available. Sorry for the inconvenience

Schedule  on time?  platform  coaches  no. stops  train destination  Operated by
* connects at Chippenham and Swindon
* connects at Trowbridge and Westbury
* current timetable and connection map
* Prior booking not needed
* Trains by Great Western Railway
* Melksham Hub facilities
* Free cycle parking at the station
* Parking: Smart Parking / TransWilts
* Melksham Station car park link
* Pay to park - cash or phone ...
* Car Park code 21575 / 0203 046 0060
* Cafe and toilet (mornings, Mon-Sat)
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Using the train safely

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Buses to from and in Melksham
Mon-Fri daytime frequency shown
Only Bath & Devizes evenings & Sun
* Every 30 minutes to Bath
* Every hour to Devizes
* Every 30 minutes to Chippenham
* Every 30 mins to Trowbridge & Frome
* Infrequent to Corsham
* Infrequent to Bradford-on-Avon
* current timetables (in our newseltter)
* Turn up and ride, no prior booking
* Above operated by Faresaver
* Town bus services by FromeBus
* Marlborough, Calne and RUH by Swindon's Bus Company
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Using the bus safely

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Coaches from Melksham
* Daily to London
* Departs from Coach Stop on Spa Road
* Operated by National Express
* Prior booking needed
* The TIC is a local agent
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Cycling around Melksham
Data to be updated as we move from rail to transport group
Interim - Melksham cycle mep [2014] from Connecting Wiltshire
Cycle parking at the station - Hub Site
Melksham Cycle Centre (shop in Melksham)
Sustrans - "charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle"
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Walking in Melksham
Data to be added as we move from rail to transport group
Interim - see Connecting Wiltshire
Sustrans - "charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle"
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Taxis in Melksham
* Many taxi operators in Melksham
* only by booking at the station
* taxi rank in the Market Place
These are often available
- Carols Cabs - 07894 873129
- AAP - 01225 706133
- P&R Taxis - 07341 949041
- Paul's Taxi - 07986 517319
- Melksham Taxis - 01225 700000
- Nigels Taxi - 07976 165910
- Index - 01225 700800
- Forest Taxis - 01225 705453
* different order shown each day
* Please let us know of changes
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Driving in Melksham
Sometimes you will need to use a car ...
Public transport is not always practical
Walk or cycle for many town journeys
Town Bus runs Monday to Saturday
Car parking at the Railway Station
Also drop off and pick up spaces
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Community Group Who's Who
* The Melksham Transport User Group is the "Station Friends" group for Melksham
* The TransWilts CIC is the Community Rail Partnership for the whole line

* TransWilts run the car parking and hub at Melksham Station & the development Masterplan
* The Melksham Transport User Group look after marketing and promotion of public transport services
* The Melksham Transport User Group meets every 2 months in Melksham, more frequently for events

* The Great Western Coffee Shop is an active passenger forum run from Melksham
* TravelWatch SouthWest provides experise and communication between user groups
* Railfuture promotes a bigger and better railway
* The Community Rail Network support Community Rail Parterships and Station Friends Groups
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Melksham Banner

"What's in it for me?"
* Congestion Friendly
* Parking Friendly
* Arrive refreshed
* Healthier option
* Sleep, eat, work as you travel
* May be quicker / cheaper than driving
* Travel home safely after drinking
* Feel good doing a bit for the planet
* Leave the car for your partner

It's good for the planet too
* Generate less CO2
* Generate less NO2
* Generate less particulates

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Heading towards London until June 2024
Heading towards Southampton until June 2024
Rail User Group (West Wilts)
Online Forum (Great Western Coffee Shop)

Times - between towns
Times - town bus
Bus User Group (Option 24/7)

The Melksham [Rail / Transport] User Group and its predecessors have partnered with the train operators over the years to promote growth of services and their use. However, we are embarrassed to promote the current service with its awful reliability record. For regular users who are robust to the issues it is still useful - for newcomers there's a significant risk of their first planned use going wrong, quite apart from the worry beforehand of not knowing if it will run.

Four officers of the group met in December 2022, and we have decided on a hiatus until the spring. We'll maintain insurance and CRN membership; our annual Zoom account runs until mid-year and we will occasionally feed online media and deal with correspondence from it. In the meantime, we also recommend you to the groups linked above.

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