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Trains at Melksham

Melksham Trains and Station - Spring and Summer 2023

From 21st May, there are some changes. Please check your regular journey!

Monday to Friday until 19th May 2023
- to Swindon at 05:33, 07:21, 07:53, 10:02, 12:33, 14:32, 16:41, 18:50 and 20:22
- to Westbury at 06:36, 09:10, 11:31, 13:40, 15:39, 18:03, 19:17 and 21:10
Monday to Friday from 22nd May 2023
- to Swindon at 07:21, 08:02, 10:02, 12:33, 14:35, 16:39, 18:53, 20:22 and 21:32
- to Westbury at 06:36, 09:10, 11:31, 13:40, 15:39, 18:03, 19:09, 20:39 and 22:55

Saturdays until 20th May 2023
- to Swindon at 08:00, 08:50, 10:23, 12:21, 14:23, 15:22, 16:52 and 18:51
- to Westbury at 09:06, 10:23, 11:30, 13:30, 15:39, 16:30, 18:00, 20:00 and 21:32
Saturdays from 27th May 2023
- to Swindon at 08:00, 10:09, 12:23, 14:23, 16:51, 18:51 and 21:34
- to Westbury at 09:10, 11:29, 13:35, 15:38, 18:09, 20:09 and 22:37

Sundays until 14th May 2023
- to Swindon at 08b37, 11b25, 13b01, 14:56, 17:08, 18b52 and 20b52
- to Westbury at 09:40, 12b25, 14:05, 16:09, 18:09, 19:54 and 21:50
b - this is the time on 14th May, varied by a few minutes on other Sundays
Sundays from 21st May 2023
- to Swindon at 08:37, 11:02, 12:57, 15:01, 17:08, 19:06 and 20:54
- to Westbury at 09:40, 12:07, 14:06, 16:09, 18:09, 20:09 and 21:59

Trains return from Swindon about 25 minutes before they leave for Westbury
Trains return from Westbury about 17 minutes before they leave for Swindon
All trains to Swindon call at Chippenham 10 minutes after leaving Melksham
All trains to Westbury call at Trowbridge 10 minutes after leaving Melksham

Weekend services may be varied due to engineering works - check online or with National Rail

For Bristol Temple Meads, take any train and change at Chippenham or Trowbridge

Melksham Station is situated on Station Approach, just off the A365 Bath Road. It's 10 minute walk from the Town Bridge via the Old Bath Road and underpass, and there is short term parking available there if you're dropping off or picking up passengers. Trains usually run within a few minutes of the times shown above, but are occasionally delayed on the day - you can check (here)

The station boasts seating, waiting shelter, a covered cycle shelter, a ticket machine, a help point and copious notices. You are required, if you can, to purchase your ticket prior to travelling. The machine is credit/debit card only, so if you're paying in cash, or require tickets it does not offer, you may pay the train manager. At the time of writing, the Melksham Hub Cafe opens Monday to Saturday mornings across from the station, and also offers a public convenience during opening hours, and car parking and electric car charging at all times. This page will be update in due course to reflect changes in the offering there.

Buses do not serve the station, except when buses are replacing trains which happen occasioally due to engineering works. The nearest public bus stops on all Melksham routes are on the one way system - Old and New Broughton Roads - which is a walk of around 7 minutes from the station towards the Town Centre.

Station access is flat / level and all trains carry a wheelchair ramp, so there's no need to book or make any special arrangements ahead of time if you require assistance. That also applies to the other stations on the line (Swindon, Chippenham, Trowbridge and Westbury) - but please note that if you're changing trains in Trowbridge there is no short level route between the platforms. Looking wider across Wiltshire, Avoncliff station still only has stepped access to the platform, and is not wheelchair friendly.


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The Melksham [Rail / Transport] User Group and its predecessors have partnered with the train operators over the years to promote growth of services and their use. However, we are embarrassed to promote the current service with its awful reliability record. For regular users who are robust to the issues it is still useful - for newcomers there's a significant risk of their first planned use going wrong, quite apart from the worry beforehand of not knowing if it will run.

Four officers of the group met in December 2022, and we have decided on a hiatus until the spring. We'll maintain insurance and CRN membership; our annual Zoom account runs until mid-year and we will occasionally feed online media and deal with correspondence from it. In the meantime, we also recommend you to the groups linked above.

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